Teachers allowed to fail multiple English and maths tests before entering a teaching job in an effort to ease the recruitment crisis

This is being hailed as a ‘sensible and pragmatic move’

People applying for teacher roles will be allowed to fail unlimited tests and still be allowed to teach. This is in an effort to ease the recruitment crisis which is plaguing our country the Government has announced. There are compulsory numeracy and literacy skills tests that must be completed before a person qualifies for a teaching post. These tests can now be failed numerous times and when passed the applicant will get a teaching post. Previously when people failed three times in a row they were not given a teaching position and they had to wait two years before they could try again said Nick Gibb the education Minister.
Those sitting for the second and third times will not have to repay to take the assessment he said. The changes to the test – which was made more rigorous in 2012 to ensure teachers had high standards of English and maths – have been introduced to boost the number of capable trainees entering teaching.

Applications for teaching last month has fallen by 29 percent compared with the same time last year according to figures released by Ucas but the bar has not been lowered for people to enter the profession said Mr Gibb.

Apparently, the bar for people wanting to enter the profession remains as high as ever and will never be dropped. Parents and pupils expect the best and that is what they will continue to get. The quality of people entering the profession is at an all-time high it is just the quantity that is getting less and needs to be addressed. 19 per cent of this year’s new teachers hold a first-class degree.