Job Seeker Tips

CV Writing

There is no one right way to write your CV. Try running a search for “CV writing tips” and you will find a whole host of good, bad and often contradictory advice. The tips below are simply based on our experience of what works.

  • Consider your audience. Often employers will receive dozens or even hundreds of applications for a role. This makes it almost impossible for them to read and absorb every CV in detail, so you will need to demonstrate suitability in the first few lines. The best way to do this is to write a profile. This is a summary of your experience in one or two paragraphs.
  • Your CV – and particularly the summary – should be accurate, but should also reflect the role you are applying for – it’s smart to tailor your CV to the job you are applying for!
  • Broadly your CV should include from top to bottom: Summary, work history and/or experience (relevant skills to the job in question), education and qualifications, interests, hobbies and some references. Your name and contact information should form the header.
  • Keep your CV concise, clear and avoid repetition – aim for pith! Your CV should be 3 pages long at most and shouldn’t bore the reader!
  • The content should be specific and meaningful. For example, if you manage a group of clients, describe your portfolio in detail – assets under management, income, number of clients, asset classes etc. This will help to demonstrate relevance.
  • Make sure your spelling and punctuation are perfect!


The key to a successful interview is preparation, whether you are a seasoned professional or early on in your career. Interviewers vary hugely as do the questions you might be asked, but here are some questions that will often come up.

  • Give an example of when you have dealt with conflict in the team/with a client.
  • What would you say are your main strengths and weaknesses?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5/10 years’ time?
  • Which parts of your current role do you feel are transferable to this position?
  • Why do you want to work for us?